One Time


The Payment event is notified when a one-time payment is executed.

Please Note: Since we have released Wallet-to-Wallet, every short-url (one-time) created via 8PAY Network will provide the user a default checkout flow that will allow him to pay via Wallet-to-Wallet or with a Web3 wallet such as Metamask. For this reason, we highly recommend supporting the Wallet-to-Wallet event. Read more here

    "id": "7e398c290b8c73bc1557740b64b4ede616a2725c5527e49a76584d6dd0167967",
    "type": "one-time",
    "event": "Payment",
    "timestamp": 1585220116,
    "transactionHash": "0xb0f21bf5d722d981330d45d8625568cd0b356e8c7c464857131a6ebf99eadf80",
    "transactionStatus": "confirmed",
    "data": {
        "id": "0x563ac3fb11181935a6de874c69de5080bf90647bea11dc6e10e06356928a804c",
        "sender": "0xe42fD8a58A82fDF624A8a94dA03a0e44F9934Dff",
        "description": "Ebook",
        "token": "8PAY",
        "category": "Shop",
        "tag": "ebook_859294",
        "receivers": [
                "account": "0xB2e9F6F9414ea12A33302923A55b9B4Cf99CCD90",
                "amount": "5",
                "fee": "0.05"
    "extra": {
        "banner": "BR69",
        "traffic": "facebook"

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