On Demand

The On Demand billing model is used for recurring payments of different amounts without following predefined time intervals. It allows the vendor/merchant to set a timeframe over which the subscriber can be debited up to a maximum amount, without any limit on the number of payments performed.
Common applications include services such as Uber.


Plans define the minimum allowance, token and reset period for subscriptions to on-demand services and products. You can create a plan using the web app or directly interacting with our smart contracts.


Subscriptions allow you to charge customers on a recurring basis. Customers can subscribe through 8Pay’s hosted checkout pages that can be reached by embedded buttons, short urls and QR codes.
Subscriptions can be in two different statuses:
  • ACTIVE: user can be charged for its usage
  • CANCELLED: the subscription was cancelled by the user
  • TERMINATED: the subscription was terminated by the vendor


The allowance represents the maximum amount that can be charged for the service during each cycle.


Throughout a subscription’s cycle, the vendor can perform an unlimited number of billings as long their total sum doesn’t exceed the maximum allowance set by the user. Billings can be triggered from the webapp or the 8Pay Javascript SDK.
Billings can fail if the subscriber hasn’t got enough funds on his wallet, hasn’t enabled the token or his spending limit fo the token is too low. They can be retried at a later time.


Customers can cancel a subscription anytime from the web app and will not be charged again. A subscription can be terminated (forcefully cancelled) anytime by plan’s admin or operational accounts, using the web app or the 8Pay Javascript SDK.
Last modified 2yr ago