Introducing Autobiller, an innovative feature designed to streamline the billing process within 8PAY. Autobiller is specifically tailored for fixed recurring payments and can be easily enabled in the plan section.

Our dedicated team has worked diligently to create one of the most essential functions on our network, catering to both technical and non-technical users. With Autobiller, you can experience the full benefits of blockchain payments without the complexities.

Autobiller automates the billing operations for you by leveraging our smart contract technology. When it's time to charge subscribed users, the smart contract performs a balance check to ensure they have sufficient funds. This not only reduces gas fees but also minimizes the chances of failed payment attempts.

In addition to the standard gas fee, a fee based on your account tier will be charged for each billing attempt. These fees contribute to covering the costs incurred by 8PAY and are deducted from your gas wallet balance. To utilize Autobiller, your gas wallet must be enabled and filled with 8PAY Tokens.

To stay informed about the specific fee structure, we encourage you to refer to the updated table provided in the Tiers section of our platform. With Autobiller's automation capabilities and efficient fee management, you can enjoy a seamless billing experience while maximizing the benefits of our robust payment infrastructure.

How to enable

  1. Access the Automatic Payments section and select the desired plan.

  2. Toggle the Autobiller switch.

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