Short URLs

In this section, we'll explore how 8Pay uses short URLs to simplify the integration of its versatile billing models into various applications and platforms. These short URLs streamline the process, making it easier for users to access and interact with different billing models.

One Time/Wallet-to-Wallet

When users visit a one-time Short URL, user have two payment options
  • Connecting a wallet to send a transaction to OneTime contract
  • Sending the amount to an intermediary 8Pay wallet (Wallet-to-Wallet)
The Wallet-to-Wallet option is especially useful if the funds are sent from an exchange or a third party wallet that the user does not control.
It requires an additional fee due to more network costs, that we'll call Service Fee from now on.
The creator of the Short URL has the flexibility to decide whether he wants to charge the payer for the Service Fee or deduct the amount from the receivers. This can be achieved by checking a specific checkbox while creating the Short URL from the web-app or, if you're using the API, through the chargeReceiversForServiceFee parameter.

Fixed Recurring

On Demand

On Demand