Invest (DCA)

The Invest feature allows users to automate their crypto investments through regular purchases over time. By employing Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), users can mitigate market volatility by spreading out their investment costs. This approach enables users to gradually build their crypto portfolio and potentially benefit from long-term growth.


Strategies define the input token, the amount, the output tokens and frequency of each recurring buy. You can create a strategy using the web app.



A strategy is executed at regular intervals for an indefinite number of times, untile cancellation.

In order for executions to be performed, the user will need to have enough funds on its Gas Wallet to pay for blockchain fees.

An execution can fail if the user hasn’t got enough funds on his wallet. In that case 8Pay will retry every 6 hours.



Customers can cancel a strategy anytime from the web app and it will not be executed again.


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