Payment flow

8Pay provides a comprehensive payment solution that caters to both single payments and recurring payments, offering flexibility and convenience to users and merchants alike.

Single Payments

In the case of single payments through 8Pay, users have the option to connect their personal wallet and transfer funds directly to the merchant. This means that when making a single payment, the funds are securely transferred directly from the user's wallet to the merchant's wallet. To initiate this process, users can simply click on the "Pay with wallet" button during checkout and choose their preferred wallet from the available options.

Additionally, 8Pay provides another option for making single payments without the need to connect a personal wallet. Users can choose to send the funds from an exchange or any other platform where they hold their funds, even if they don't have direct access to a wallet. This allows users who prefer not to connect their personal wallets to still make single payments using their existing cryptocurrency holdings.

By leveraging this additional option, users can conveniently make single payments without the need to handle their own wallets or interact directly with the blockchain. Instead, they can rely on the 8Pay platform to facilitate the transfer of funds from their exchange account or other platforms to the merchant's wallet, ensuring a secure and efficient payment process.

With the direct transfer of funds or the alternative option for using existing holdings from external platforms, users can have confidence that their payments reach the intended merchant securely and without the complexity of managing their own wallets. This payment flow provides flexibility, convenience, and control over the funds being transferred, enabling users to make seamless transactions with ease and security.

Recurring Payments

To subscribe to a recurring payment, users can easily initiate the process by clicking on the "Subscribe" button provided. This action prompts the user to interact with their personal wallet, where they can authorize and confirm the subscription.

By clicking on the "Subscribe" button, users are seamlessly directed to their wallet interface, where they can authorize the recurring payment. This interaction with the wallet ensures a secure and transparent process, as the user retains full control over their wallet and funds.

Once the user has confirmed the subscription from their wallet, the recurring payment is initiated, and the funds will be automatically transferred from the user's wallet to the merchant's wallet according to the predefined schedule.

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