Sandbox Environment

The Sandbox Environment provided by 8Pay allows developers to safely and securely test their integrations on the Binance Smart Chain Testnet. It offers a controlled environment that simulates blockchain interactions without using real funds or affecting the live network.

By utilizing the Sandbox Environment, developers can experiment with various functionalities and test their integration's behavior in a risk-free environment. It enables comprehensive testing of payment transactions, recurring payments, and other features supported by 8Pay's platform.

To access the Sandbox Environment, developers can select the BNB Chain Testnet option, either through the 8Pay app or by using the appropriate chain parameter in API requests. This flexibility caters to different testing preferences and allows developers to choose the method that best suits their needs.

With the Sandbox Environment, developers can confidently refine their integrations, identify and resolve any issues, and ensure seamless functionality before deploying to the live blockchain. It provides a valuable testing ground for developers to optimize their integration and deliver a robust experience to their users.

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